How to Improve Your SEO Strategy – Advanced SEO Tips 2019

our SEO strategy should be focusing on more than just keywords. Top quality search engine optimisation is all about making sure your site is enticing and engaging. Google’s algorithm changes have meant that there is now more of a focus on high quality content than ever before.

But what’s the best SEO content strategy to use in 2019? There are lots of great ideas you can put into practice to really drive traffic. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

Write Long Form Blog Posts

A good SEO content strategy should always think about ‘more’, rather than ‘less’. Long form content has more to say, and therefore, you’ll give the appearance of an authority in your field. Show that you are passionate about your work or topic! The longer the blog posts, generally, the more engaging they will be. What’s more, Google loves them.

Use the ‘Bucket Brigade’ Method

Consider this:

Great SEO should always be keeping readers on-page. See what we did on the line above? The ‘bucket brigade’ method is a cunning slice of SEO strategy. It keeps readers hanging on to see how sentences and calls to action will finish! Consider putting them to use.

Keep Old Content Fresh

Regardless of your SEO keyword strategy, don’t let your old content get dusty. Evergreen SEO content strategy is the backbone of great SEO. Update and refresh your guides and cornerstone content. This way, they will appeal to people over and over again. That’s a fantastic amount of regular traffic for years to come.

Build Quality Backlinks

Building backlinks has always been crucial in SEO strategy. But are your links doing enough? Look for relevant, authoritative sites and online guides to link to. Don’t go overboard. Be careful with building quality backlinks, and you’ll get a whole lot back in return. It’s a great traffic driver.

Be Smart on Keyword Research

It’s no longer enough just to throw in a few words or LSI here and there. For niche interests and services, follow long tail keywords and phrases. Use software and analytics to see what’s engaging with which people. Your SEO keywords strategy may not be the be-all and end-all, but it’s still good to get ‘smart’ about it.

Be RankBrain Friendly

RankBrain is what Google uses to learn from its users and their searches. It ultimately breaks down key phrases and search queries to try and understand context. The best way you can accommodate RankBrain, therefore, is to make your content open and friendly. Don’t over complicate matters – make things as clear as possible without being patronising.

Target Your Audience

This has always been a key point of any local SEO strategy or otherwise – but are you actually doing enough to appeal to your key audience? You should be using analytics to break down who’s visiting you, why, and when. Do research into what your rivals are writing and producing for their own web content. Don’t shy away from going too niche, either, if that’s what drives your custom.

Keep Linking Internally

Internal linking may seem pointless, but it has two very positive impacts. One, it can help your readers and visitors to find their way around your website. It helps to make things that little bit easier to navigate. Two, Google will be able to index and understand your site a little better. That’s always a good thing, and you’ll find internal linking to always be a key component in SEO marketing strategy.

Write Enticing Headlines

This is an old standard which has applied to newspapers, journal articles and more over the years. Entice people with attractive headlines. Promise to show them something new, exciting, or challenging. What would interest you as a reader? Think about how you’re going to get that first click.

Think About Mobile Users

Google has made it very clear that a good SEO strategy should always consider mobile users. This is for a very concrete reason. More of us are browsing via smartphones and tablets than ever before. As a result, we should be making our sites easier to browse, read and digest on smaller screens. There are several ways you can do this. An experienced web developer will show you how, or you can use a flexible CMS.

Speed Up Your Site

Thanks to the mobile revolution, the need for content to be reachable and readable faster than ever is huge. If your site isn’t operating as quickly as the competition, you are going to be losing out on serious traffic. Once again, web developers and solid CMS services will help you to tackle this side of the user experience.

Consider Video Content

Let’s put SEO keyword strategy and the like to one side. It’s clear that more people are engaging with video content now than ever. Therefore, it may well be worth you considering setting up a few visual guides to your services. This will particularly help if you offer a niche service, or cover a less-than-common topic. Google loves a variety of media in the websites they rank, and so do web searchers. Why not meet them halfway?

Revamp Your Site Structure

Above all, you should be thinking about the user experience. This is key to the perfect SEO strategy in 2019. Is your website easy to browse and read? Can users find everything they need to know? The fewer queries you give them, the less frustrated they will be. Keep your visitors on-page and think about restructuring your site alongside a solid SEO content strategy.

Search engine optimisation is something which is always going to evolve as long as Google keeps upgrading its algorithms. The best way to stay ahead of the game with a great local SEO strategy, or a solid SEO strategy in general, is to approach a web design firm who can show you the way to organic, engaged traffic for years to come. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and find out how!

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