The top 5 must-see Tips & Tricks to Improve Your CTA’s and Create Conversions

If you have found this blog, there is a huge chance you are wondering why your website isn’t converting.

Does this sound about right?

Well, a simple but huge factor to this pain that all marketers go through can all be down to your CTA. CTA stands for Call To Action.

But, what does call to action mean?

CTA’s are buttons that contain either text or an image that asks visitors to commit an action (Filling out a form, buying a product or service from that company etc.). To get the visitor to commit the action, the text or image must provide some kind of persuasive nature to gain the visitor’s attention. This is why it is called Call ToAction because the call is persuading the visitor to take action.

So now that the basics are coveredlet us get started on the tips and tricks on how to make a world class CTA and start gaining email signups and sales!

1. Make The CTA Inviting and Actually Worth Clicking

It is crazy the number of people who make a CTA with a boring action phrase or with text that adds absolutely nothing to their life. But seriously, how many times have you visited a website and seen CTA’s saying ‘click here’ or ‘sign up’ and you have just ignored it?

Exactly our point. Those CTA’s are boring and do not excite the visitor.

The perfect CTA should be exciting while also letting the visitor know exactly what they are getting from completing the action.

Instead, try using unique terms that the visitor hasn’t seen much of before to entice them into checking out more of your site and company. For example, offering a free ebook or guide for signing up to their site or newsletter. This shows the visitor that there is something unique up for offer.

With this comes the factor of the visitor having a fear of missing out. As your CTA is so powerful and unique, it will not be available anywhere else,and people will want what you are offering!

2. The perfect visual aspects to include when making a CTA

First thing’s first, make sure it looks like it can be clicked. If you do not make the CTA look like an actual button, then there is a pretty high chance that visitors may miss it. Obviously this is not very ideal!


The colour should be contrasting to the colour of your site. This ensures that it will stand out andbe easily seen by any visitor that enters your site. Think about shops and supermarkets, when they have sales they have bright red signs giving details about the offers. Your CTA should not be any different!


Above the fold is an important expression for websites; however, it is not as important for CTA’s. Above the fold is the part of the website that is visible when someone first visits the site and does not scroll. People think that a CTA should be above the fold so that visitors can see their phone number instantly and save them valuable time.

And that is true… to an extent.

For some businesses, customers want to purchase a service or product quickly. If you are a business with this target audience, then placing a CTA above the fold could be lead generation heaven for you. However, this does not work for all businesses, as other kinds of target customers need more persuasion.

So, to persuade these potential clients or customers, there needs to be some kind of description or content that appears before the CTA. This ensures that the visitor reads something about the product or company before having to take action to the CTA. It is like you are reassuring them that you are the perfect company for them to call up.

The location of where the CTA goes after this is all down to your content layout that you want the call to action associated with. If possible, try to integrate the CTA button in the middle of the content so that visitors know it is related to what they are reading. It is proved that CTA’s in the middle can be so much more effective than putting it above the fold.

3. Short, Simple and First person

This is a call to action, you want people to see it and know within a second what they will be gaining from clicking. To do this you need to make the message short and effective. However, if the message is short but does not give the visitor knowledge of what they will receive from the potential conversion path, then it is a pointless CTA.

Go back to tip number 1 and 2. Use these methods to ensure that your button is effective, then proceed to make your message shorter.

Writing the message of the CTA in first person has been proved to convert more leads. This is because the visitor will see that clicking it is about THEM and not the company. Writing something boring like “click here for my free guide” isn’t proving to be very exciting or helpful to the visitor. Instead say “I want this FREE guide!” By using a first person perspective you are relating with the customer much more, ensuring that you gain leads.

4. Offer something that solves a problem

By offering something free and helpful, you are just asking for clicks and leads. If you know there is a problem that your potential customers are facing, help them fix the problem!

Doing this will gain you amazing reputation within that field of work as you are providing them with valuable knowledge without any cost. Just think about it, imagine you had a question that you needed answering for weeks but no one around you knew and you couldn’t find it on Google. You then enter a site and see a clear CTA offering you the answer for what you have been looking for, and all you have to do is sign up.

Would you take the time to click that button?

Don’t be silly, of course you would.

You would do this because it is free and valuable to you and not only that, it takes you less than a minute to receive the answer.
That is how valuable offering a solution to people can be and it should definitely be something that all CTA’s should offer.

5. Testing

I know it can be boring, but it is necessary. You need to be able to see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe it’s the fact that the colour isn’t contrasting enough, maybe it’s the fact that the message is in third person or maybe it’s the fact that you haven’t positioned the CTA properly on your site.

There are many factors to what makes a perfect CTA and it will take time to get the perfect one for your company. It will all be worth it in the long run.

Keep changing up the colours, the message, the positioning and the actual offer. Patience is needed to ensure that you find the call to action for you that will have your company receiving leads.


CTA’s are extremely important for any website trying to generate leads and gain customers online. They are an amazing way of gaining your business good reputation within that field of work, and reputation should not be underestimated. Once you help someone with a problem they are having, the benefits of word of mouth will be in your favour.

If your business requires help with CTA’s get in touch with Telsa Media on 0208 131 5389. We would love to help your business gain leads and customers.

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