Why SEO is Important for Small Businesses in the UK

Online business success, wherever you may be in the world, depends on getting seen. Google’s search rankings continue to evolve as search behaviours change. However, search engine optimisation, or SEO, is still crucial for small businesses. SEO for small business has never been more important. After all, growth is dependent on finding the right people to get invested in your brand. When it comes to making a big splash online, and to finding relevant customers, you’re going to need to do everything you can.

Business website SEO is essential if you want to attract relevant people to your business. If you are serious about driving conversion, and want to appeal to everyday searchers, you should already be thinking about small business website SEO. But what can SEO for small business do for you in the long run? What’s the difference between a strategy for a small firm, and for a bigger brand? Let’s take a closer look.

Small Business Websites Thrive on SEO

The fact is, small businesses often fizzle out. It’s an unfortunate truth, but many businesses fail within the first few years of trading. To be able to get ahead of this curve, your business is going to need to do something different. To be able to stand any chance of surviving a competitive online marketplace, no matter your business, you’ll need all the help you can get.

SEO for small business will help you to focus on niche audiences. You’ll be able to home in on relevant customers searching for what you do. What’s more, the best business SEO strategies will also help your customers and visitors to stay engaged. It is no longer just about attracting the right people. It’s about keeping their interest, too.

Small business SEO is all about connecting on that first click. It’s crucial that your visitors find the answers they need, and understand why you possess the answers, or the resolutions. You need to show them what you can do. SEO for business revolves around showing visitors why it was worth them clicking on you. Without basic website SEO, you aren’t really trying.

Big Business Vs Small Business

But, do the same SEO rules apply to big businesses? Not always, if at all. Big business, especially established brands, have a wider scope in terms of advertising, and in terms of marketing budgets. Smaller firms will instead rely on organic factors such as great SEO, or word-of-mouth, to drive custom. Many big firms still use SEO, however, as they are already household names, or authorities in their fields, there is less need to rely on it.

Small business SEO services in London will help to grow brand awareness. Small to medium enterprises will thrive on SEO which can cement them as authorities at what they do. Think of business website SEO as a helping hand on the road towards growth. Without SEO, your business could be floundering in a sea of search results with barely a click.

SEO is important to small businesses as it opens up opportunities. The more you are highlighted to relevant audiences, the more chance you’ll get leads which convert. It’s not always a numbers game, but the maths makes things clear. Without SEO, you’re fishing with a bare rod.

Keeping it On-Page

Small businesses need to make sure they keep people on-page. This means engaging visitors to stay on-site and not to tap or click the ‘back’ button. To do this, SEO is going to need to help you in multiple ways.

A great SEO strategy will help your business content to stay appealing to visitors.

It will answer direct questions, and provide resolutions. What’s more, solid SEO for business will allow customers to help themselves. “Navigation should be quick, reliable and exciting to explore” SEO is all about tightening up that user experience.

Without focusing on this user experience, your SEO strategy may well be a few bare bones of keywords and buzz phrases. That’s all well and good to get people to visit you. But to keep them on-page, you are going to need to offer them genuine value, and convert on it. The days of depending on keywords alone are long past us.

Going Off-Page

Consider off-page SEO, too. This is where you think beyond the basic business website SEO and consider how you’re being perceived elsewhere on the internet. For example, small, local businesses thrive with active social media profiles, and with Google My Business listings. These will help to open your business up to more people.

Do also think about backlinks. Once you’ve established yourself as an authority at what you do, you may well start receiving links for other websites. This is a great way to drive traffic off-page. This process can take time, however, by focusing on your on-page SEO, and general best practice, there is no reason why your site, and its content, won’t be cited or linked to by others in your industry.

With social media still being such a huge driver in terms of online marketing, small businesses need to keep focusing on off-page SEO.

Why Technical SEO Matters for Small Businesses

Technical SEO is hugely important for small businesses, and for local services. Delivering a user experience is all well and good, but you also need to ensure that Google has the means to index your website effectively. Otherwise, how are the right people ever going to find you?

Technical aspects include internal linking, checking your HTML and tag data, and even fine-tuning your images, video and other media. Google is a complicated beast, and as you’ve probably discovered, there are more than a few hoops you are going to need to jump through to get to the top of those search rankings.

Do you run a small to medium business? Unsure how SEO for small business could help you grow long term? We’re here to help. Contact Telsa Media today and we’ll set up a consultation at your convenience.

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